Production facilities of “Halychyna” are located in Western Ukraine in the city of Radekhiv, Lviv region. The plant can process up to 500 tons of milk a day.

The plant was built in 1955, when Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union. Then, it was a state-owned enterprise “Radekhiv Butter Plant” and its specialization was production of butter and condensed milk. After dissolution of the Soviet Union the enterprise, just like the other enterprises throughout the country, began to decline without government grants and support. However, the enterprise was fortunate enough, unlike other Ukrainian enterprises, not to idle. In 1998 it was “Halychyna” that restored production.

At first, the plant produced butter and condensed milk as it was before, then it was gradually modernized; production of sour cream and milk was started. After 2000 launching of kefirs and yoghurts production opened a new page in the history of the company and plant. “Halychyna” was growing and production was becoming more and more up-to-date. Today the plant of a Diary Company “Halychyna” is the one, which has modern European equipment: Tetra Pak (Sweden), ALFA LAVAL (Sweden), GЕА (Germany), Оbrам (Poland), ТEWES-BIS (Poland), ТEWES-KLIMA (Poland).


Milk constitutes 87% of raw-materials. The plant receives milk from farms, which ensures high content of protein in a product, qualitative indices of milk and other products.

Quality of products is confirmed by the international Certificate of Conformity FSSC 22000, which corresponds to the highest quality requirements in the field of food products.

At that, traditions of Halychyna milk production remain the same as production specialists have worked here for years and for many of them it became a family business.