“Halychyna” – live among eternal values. The place where family is the greatest treasure, where nature is treated as sanctity and native land as a mother; the place where traditions are respected and passed from generation to generation.

The place of clear air of the Carpathian mountains, ripe forest berries and juicy fragrant herbs; the place of live-giving energy that strengthens body, clams mind and gives a sense of harmony.

Here the cows are special – brown

It is said that this is a Carpathian tanning. The cows enjoy cleanliness of the land, healthful water and clear air of the mountains. That is why their milk is tasty and beneficial to health.

Each drop of milk has our values.

They are also in our hearts. We like what we do. We are proud of our “Halychyna”. We responsibly treat production, delivery and service. Quality of our products and health of our customers are the prime importance that we care about. In the refrigerator of each of us, you will find our firm and drinkable yoghurts, kefir, sour cream, butter and ryazhanka.

Probably this is the reason why “Halychyna” is one of leaders on drinkable yoghurts and fermented milk products market in Ukraine.

“Halychyna” – live among eternal values

Production facilities of “Halychyna”